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Some Comments from our Customers

Assistant Professor Meng Li, University of Texas-Dallas says,

“SeekEdgar is a great database. The team there has been very helpful and dedicated to satisfying customer needs. They deliver their high-quality work in a timely fashion. I am very satisfied by their service. They saved me a lot of time. I highly recommend trying SeekEdgar.”

PhD Researcher van de Wal Nino, University of Antwerp, Belgium says,

“An attentive and skillful team that not only listens to what you want but also proposes enhancements based on their own abilities and experiences. Even tailor made data requests are fulfilled in short period of time. It saved me a fair amount of time and made collecting data from SEC filings a less unpleasant experience. Keep up the good work SeekEdgar!”

Professor Mike Minnis, University of Chicago says,

“I’ve really appreciated working with SeekEdgar. The flexibility and speed of both the search engine and customer service has made data collection easier and more thorough. Finding examples for my financial statement analysis class is also a pleasure. I recommend trying SeekEdgar for anybody looking for data from SEC filings.”

Professor Miklos Vasarhelyi, Rutgers University-Newark says,

“Using SeekiNF I can search indexed text files and instantaneously receive results to my queries. The results include the context in which the search terms appear, and downloadable CSV files with the files' locations. This is an indispensable tool for my research. I feel that SeekiNF is the first accounting tool in a new generation of research aids still needing to emerge.”

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Student Kyunghee Yoon, Rutgers University says,

“The best service.”

PhD Student Jack He, University of Texas-Dallas says,

“The SeekiNF is a great database. Comparing to other databases, SeekiNF provides variable ways to search, filter, and collect data. It's very helpful in assisting my specific need. I recommend that researchers try this database.”

Professor Uday Murthy, University of South Florida says,

“SeekEdgar is a fantastic system! Several of our doctoral students and faculty have used the system to retrieve many megabytes of data for their research in a matter of seconds. Raj and his team continue to make improvements to the interface, which was already very intuitive and easy to use. The ability to download matching data points to an Excel file has proven to be invaluable for our researchers. I highly recommend the product.”

Professor Srinivasan Rangan, Indian Institute of Management at Bangalore says,

“This is an excellent product. Very convenient and easy to use. I applaud Professor Raj Srivastava for offering this product to the research community.”

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